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    Header image: Electric vehicle charging station

    2023 Top 10 Hottest EV Charging Companies in Europe

    After covering the hottest robotics start-ups in Europe in 2022, we are now shifting our focus to the e-mobility sector and have compiled a list of the top electric vehicle (EV) charging companies in ...

    Jenny Lee

    Revolutionizing the Auto Industry: The Rise of Automotive Robotics

    The use of automotive robotics in the auto industry has been prevalent for several decades, but recent technological advancement renders them more pervasive than ever before. This advancement allows ...

    Shyam Gupta, Next Move Strategy Consulting

    Statzon 2022 Insights - E-Mobility Trending in Searches

    2022 was an excellent year for Statzon. We started the year with a focus on the robotics and automation vertical. Then, in the last quarter, we launched a new vertical e-mobility, and the first ...

    Karri Takki

    38x ROI with Statzon!

    We analyzed Statzon customer usage data for the past year to understand how they use Statzon. On average, our customer downloads 54 market research reports a year.

    Karri Takki

    How to Build a Perfect Pitch Deck and Get Funded

    When you are running a startup and raising funding, you need to have a pitch deck. Your goal is to sell your idea to potential investors and show how they can make money with you. The most important ...

    Kimmo Kuokkanen

    Top 15 Hottest Early-Stage Robotics Startups in Europe

    As we have covered the hottest robotics start-ups in Germany and the Nordic area, we now try to come up with another list of the hottest start-ups in Europe. As with the previous lists, the start-ups ...

    Rika Melissa

    Statzon H1 2022 - key developments

    It’s been a hectic and fruitful beginning of the year at Statzon. A lot of new reports and data have been made available to an increasing Statzon user base. Here are the key developments during the ...

    Kimmo Kuokkanen

    How Statzon Validates Data Sources to Ensure Quality Market Information

    Companies are developing strategies and business plans to expand their business, gain more market share, or to find new opportunities. The plans typically include significant investments, and they ...

    Kimmo Kuokkanen

    The Most Used Market Information Sources by Product Managers in 2022   

    An important part of product managers’ work is market and competitive analysis. As a product manager, you need to deeply understand your customers, markets, and competitors. It is vital to understand ...

    Kimmo Kuokkanen

    Top 15 Hottest Early Stage Robotics Startups in the Nordics

    Kimmo Kuokkanen