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2022 was an excellent year for Statzon. We started the year with a focus on the robotics and automation vertical. Then, in the last quarter, we launched a new vertical e-mobility, and the first customers in this segment started their subscriptions in November and December.  

We also launched an improved free account after the summer. With the free account, you can access all the global and regional market datasets. Get started with a free account now!

Overall, our website traffic increased by 77% compared to 2021. In addition, the number of Statzon users grew by 84%. But the most exciting thing is that searches done in 2022 increased by 529%. There were nearly 400 000 searches done in Statzon in the past year. We have not only gained growth in users, but users are finding Statzon valuable. We analyzed our customers' numbers earlier in more detail. The average customer is getting an ROI of 38x!

The users and searches are not the only things that grew in 2022. We uploaded 115 000 new market reports and insights to Statzon from our data providers. With the new e-mobility vertical and accelerating growth, we expect that number to be much higher in 2023. 

The growth also requires more people on board. That's why our team grew by 75% in 2022. The first marketers and salespeople started at Statzon. 

In the search statistics, we can see how e-mobility related topics and searches are trending. Despite launching vertical late in 2022, many of the related topics are among the 15 most popular searches. 

Top 15: Most searched topics in 2022

  1.   Collaborative Robots (Cobots)  
  2.   Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)  
  3.   Industrial Robots  
  4.   Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)  
  5.   Robotics  
  6.   Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging  
  7.   Electric Vehicles (EV)  
  8.   Mobile Robots  
  9.   Warehouse Robots  
  10.   Robotic Surgery  
  11.   E-Mobility
  12.   Delivery Robots  
  13.   Manufacturing  
  14.   Industrial Automation  
  15.   Medical Robots  

Top 15: Search keywords in 2022

  1.   ev charging  
  2.   e-mobility  
  3.   agv  
  4.   industrial robot  
  5.   robotics  
  6.   collaborative robot  
  7.   robot  
  8.   mobile robot  
  9.   autonomous mobile robot  
  10.   battery  
  11.   autonomous vehicle  
  12.   medical robot
  13.   artificial intelligence robot  
  14.   electric bus  
  15.   electric vehicle 

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Top 15: Data providers based on searches: 

  1. Next Move Strategy Consulting  
  2. MarketsandMarkets  
  3. Mordor Intelligence  
  4. Market Research Future  
  5. Magna Intelligence  
  6. The Insight Partners  
  7. Gen Consulting Company  
  8. Apollo Research Reports  
  9. BIS Research  
  10. The Business Research Company  
  11. IDATE DigiWorld  
  12. Inkwood Research
  13. Barnes Reports 
  14. ASTUTE Analytica 
  15. Verified Market Research
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