About Statzon

Our vision is to create a world where individuals and organizations have the power to make informed decisions that drive success. We will achieve this by providing fast, reliable, and meaningful market insights that accumulate and compare data from multiple sources, making it easily accessible in one place and saving valuable time in the process.


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About Statzon

Statzon is a market intelligence platform tailored for technology companies seeking a competitive edge.

Our subscription-based service offers unparalleled access to over 14 million market insights from thousands of trusted sources.

Our platform is designed to empower tech businesses with the most up-to-date, deep, and high-quality data, forecasts, and insights, enabling strategic decision-making that is both swift and informed.

Statzon simplifies the path to strategic clarity, ensuring that technology leaders can make faster, better-informed decisions without the hassle of sifting through unreliable or outdated information.

With Statzon, your business gains the easiest and most cost-efficient access to the market intelligence needed to excel in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Get to know us

Our team consists of seasoned experts in their fieds. You can find the personal information by clicking the person.

Kimmo Kuokkanen

CEO & Co-founder

Kimmo has a strong experience of 20+ years in the global market intelligence industry. During that time, Kimmo has been working with thousands of customers, including top consulting companies, financial institutions, and industrial enterprises, and serving their most demanding market intelligence needs.

Email: kimmo@statzon.com

Mobile: +358 504 713 021


Tomi Karila

CTO & Co-founder

Tomi has experienced a broad spectrum of web technologies over his 20+ year career as a full-stack developer. His passion for innovation and natural ability to decipher problems have led him to lead the development of the next-generation market intelligence platform.

Karri Takki

Head of Growth

Karri has 10+ years of experience in sales and marketing. During that time, Karri has been working with several growth companies driving their growth. He is a passionate problem solver and constantly hunting and solving growth bottlenecks.

Email: karri@statzon.com

Mobile: +358 40 672 5445


Rika Melissa

Data Journalist

Rika came to Statzon with a background in market research, both in qualitative and quantitative studies. She has a strong interest in data collection and analysis and how to communicate those data in a simple yet interesting fashion.

Mikko Kiander

Web Developer

Mikko is a highly skilled web developer with over 6 years of experience in the field.
With a passion for technology and a drive to improve continuously, Mikko has built a strong foundation of expertise in web development.

Jenny Lee

Marketing Specialist

Jenny specializes in marketing and international business. With a passion for driving growth, she leverages her data-driven approach and optimization to deliver measurable results through scalable and sustainable strategies.

Ramses Selbach

Data Processing Manager

Ramses brings 7+ years of hands-on experience in automation, data, and quality management to the team. His background working with startups has instilled a strong sense of agility and adaptability in him. A passionate advocate for seamless automation and data-driven decision-making, Ramses has honed his skills in quality management to ensure unparalleled excellence in every project. His enthusiasm for problem-solving in fast-paced environments makes him an invaluable asset for addressing the complex challenges of the market intelligence industry.

A day at our office

Our diverse team works most of the time remotely with flexible working hours. There is active communication through Slack. Our team works most of the time remotely from home offices. You can see our open positions here.


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