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Webinar: Learn about motion control for healthcare robotics applications

The Robot Report

The global market for surgical robots is about $18 billion and could grow to $83 billion by 2032, according to Statzon.

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Doosan to double output of 'cobots' with advanced but cheaper sensors by 2024

The Korea Herald

In a 2023 report by robotics database firm Statzon, Doosan's cobots were recognized globally, with the H2515 model ranking seventh in payload capacity and the E Series ninth in horizontal distance..

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Prepping your weld space for cobot welding productivity

Shop Metalworking Technology

The development of user-friendly technology coupled with flexible cobot designs is successfully filling the skills gap..

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Government Robotics Funding Critical Amid Global Competition: ‘The Race Is On’


A decade ago the DARPA Robotics Challenge pumped tens of millions of dollars of investment into...

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Inwestycyjna rewolucja kuleje, ale stała się nieunikniona


Infrastruktura ładowania pojazdów elektrycznych jest dziś w Polsce dosyć skromna..

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[서병수의 글로벌 View] 두산로보틱스와 Arm 공모가, 불편하다


Arm(티커 ARM)과 두산로보틱스가 미국과 한국 IPO 시장에서 화제를 모으고 있다..

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Our added value in Software & financial services sector

GEREJE Corporate Finance

Market trends in the software and financial services sector..

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Desmasa presenta sus soluciones de automatización y robótica en el sector farmacia


La ingeniería burgalesa Desmasa, dedicada al diseño y fabricación de maquinaria especial a medida y automatización industrial..

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Are Warehouse Drones the solution for Inventory Management?

AGV Network

Inventory Audit Autonomous Warehouse Drones (or simply ware drone) play a key role in smart warehouses thanks to sophisticated navigation and obstacle avoidance sensors..

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Comau and Fincantieri Present “MR4WELD”, The First Robotised Mobile Solution for Shipbuilding

Asian Defence Journal

Comau and Fincantieri, two Italian world leaders in their respective markets, presented the first result of their joint collaboration at Automatica..

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Three Hallmarks Defining Cobot Success

Asian Robotics Review

According to Statzon, the global collaborative robot market was valued at around $675 million in 2020..

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A Conversation with Kimmo Kuokkanen, CEO of Statzon

Svod advisory

With the rapid, dynamic shifts in business environments, it is critical to understand the market dynamics. In this context, Statzon has appeared almost magically (sic) as a game-changing platform in the Business Intelligence landscape..

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Can Tesla Superchargers satisfy the charging demand of Europe?

Fleet Europe

46% of EU residents live in apartment buildings, and the residential chargers are AC, with power between 7.4-22Kw, creating a challenge, according to Statzon..

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How Many EV Chargers Will Be Enough? We Did the Math


A lot of electric vehicle charging numbers get thrown around by companies and the Biden administration..

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Autonomous Robots and Innovation in Intralogistics


According to Statzon 2022, the global mobile robot market value is expected to reach 72.5 billion USD with a CAGR of 21% by 2030..

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Top Finnish Startups To Watch in 2023

Startup stash

This first startup works in the B2B industry, using software, SaaS, and market research to provide industry and tech insights. Statzon gives its customers the opportunity to use and understand global industry and technology data insights..

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Finland’s market intelligence startup Statzon raises €400K seed to expand to new industry verticals


Lahti-headquartered startup Statzon has secured €400K in a seed funding round from existing investors such as Gorilla Capital and from a new investor Sofokus Ventures as well as an R&D loan from Business Finland..

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MiR: UK Lags in Robot Race and Has a Huge Unrealised Automation Potential

Business Wire

The global market of autonomous mobile robots is projected to reach a total value of £8,9 billion by 2030, according to Statzon..

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Accelus and CHP Call Off Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery SPAC Merger

Robotics 24/7

Last year, mergers between robotics startups and special-purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs..

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Warehouse Drones for Inventory Management


Inventory Audit Autonomous Warehouse Drones (or simply ware drones) play a key role in smart warehouses..

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Danish Robotics Producers to Demonstrate Manufacturing Systems at Automatica

Robotics 24/7

The annual global growth rate for sales of collaborative robots is 40%, according to Statzon..

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