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Statzon is a unique market intelligence platform providing access to +14M market insights, reports, forecasts, companies, and news from thousands of trusted sources with one subscription. It allows access to the most detailed data, such as market size, trends, forecasts, segments, competitive landscape, market shares, etc., about 12,000 industries or topics. Our solution is used in an increasing number of technology companies and research organizations globally.

We are on a mission to make reliable market insights easily accessible. High-quality market information is at the core of our platform, which is why we are always looking for new research partners to join Statzon.

Benefits of Becoming a Data Partner

At Statzon, we forge partnerships with esteemed market research firms and data providers, driving substantial growth in our partners' recurring revenues. When you collaborate with us, your content gains exposure to a vast global audience actively seeking market information. In our commitment to transparency, we ensure that your brand is prominently showcased alongside your content, amplifying your brand's presence and recognition in the industry.


Recurring Revenue

Partner with Statzon and see a significant boost in your recurring income.


Active Engagement

Monthly, thousands of dedicated market information enthusiasts rely on Statzon.


Broad Reach

Showcase your research to an expansive and engaged audience.


Trusted Association

We meticulously evaluate our data providers, ensuring a partnership rooted in trust and quality.


Leading providers have seen a remarkable 700% surge in recurring revenue over just two years with us.

What Type of Content is Suitable? 

You can share market reports, industry data, company profiles, financials, and other types of market insights in PDF or Excel formats or via an API connection. Our customers represent and are interested in a wide variety of industries, so market information about any industry is welcome.

Some of Our Data Partners

Shubhra Ketan, Partner Relation Head, Market Research Future

“We're delighted to work with Statzon! Their expertise aligns perfectly with our goals and vision. We look forward to a highly productive and beneficial working relationship in the coming years.”

Jon Anders Tangnes, CSO Opoint

“We are grateful to Statzon for choosing Opoint as their quality data provider. Opoint delivers data to many different industries and now also to market intelligence and market insights platform."

Bin Wang, Marketing Director, Gen Consulting Company

"Statzon's been a solid, trustworthy partner over the years. Partnering with them has allowed our research and data services to reach way more customers worldwide. Big ups to Statzon for giving our offerings global exposure and helping us tap into new markets."

How to Get Started


Reach out

Contact us to explore a potential partnership. Feel free to share sample reports or datasets for our review.


Preliminary review

Our team will carefully examine the material you've shared, ensuring it aligns with our standards.


Open dialogue

If your content shows promise, we'll arrange discussions to understand your offerings better and gauge if they align with Statzon's goals.


Welcome to Statzon

After reviewing and approving your content and methodology, you're officially onboard. Share your content, get featured on Statzon, and start earning royalties immediately.

Ready to Get Started?

Reach out to us using the contact form below. Once we've reviewed your message, our team will promptly respond.