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Statzon InsightTech E-mobility Podcast

Meet our Statzon hosts, Karri Takki and Rika Melissa. Our e-mobility data journalist offers a brief overview and explores the e-mobility market landscape.

  • InsightTech is your hub for all things electric vehicles (EVs) and e-mobility, where we explore EV regional market, global market trends, and EV sales, sharing insights from the EV industry.
  • Additionally, we examine barriers and common perception of EVs while assessing the state of global charging infrastructure, with much more to come in future episodes.

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#1 - October 31st

EU policies related to zero emission vehicles with Thomas Neumann from AVERE


Thomas Neumann worked as a policy manager at AVERE - The European Association for Electromobility. He was a policy manager during the recording and now specializes in industrial policy at the European Parliament.

Key takeaways

  • What are the key EU policies and programmes, such as the European Green Deal, the Clean Vehicles Directive, and Fit 55?
  • What financial incentives are offered by the EU and member states to encourage the purchase and use of EVs?


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#2 - November 7th

Hydrogen as alternative fuel with Francesco Valle

Francesco Valle is a Ph.D. holder in mechanical engineering and is an expert in hydrogen and fuel-cells, with over a decade of experience, he serves as a project manager consultant in the fuel cell industry, specializing in research and development.

Key takeaways

  • How does hydrogen compare to batteries for energy storage and transportation?
  • What are the challenges in establishing numerous hydrogen refueling stations and managing a large fleet of vehicles?

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#3 - November 14th

Navigating the EV Charging Landscape with eMabler

Juha Stenberg, eMabler’s CEO, leverages years of EV industry experience to lead a startup. Their Open EV charging platform integrates data and systems for an enhanced EV charging user experience.

Key takeaways

  • How will AFIR standards influence eMabler?
  • What is the main challenge in this industry?

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#4 - November 21st

Analyzing and forecasting rapidly evolving e-mobility market with Abdul Salam Mohammed

Abdul Salam Mohammed is a market intelligence expert at Kempower with a decade of experience collaborating with leading management consulting firms, excelling in gathering and analyzing market data to deliver valuable insights to clients through a mastery of the latest research methodologies

Key takeaways

  • What is the critical importance of maintaining data quality in market research?
  • How does advocacy for cleansing and validation procedures contribute to ensuring accurate analyses?

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#5 - November 28th

HeyCharge powering up EVs in offline zones

Chris Cardé, CEO of HeyCharge, drives global electrification with their SecureCharge tech. The HeyCharge app enables one-click setup, making installation swift. Ideal for apartments, offices, and hotels worldwide, HeyCharge upgrades EV charging with a simple wall installation and power connection.

Key takeaways

  • How does HeyCharge's "Secure Charge" revolutionize EV charging, erasing connectivity issues and reducing costs?
  • What challenges does HeyCharge face scaling its tech and sourcing talent while meeting global demand for budget-friendly EV charging?

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Podcast hosts

Meet our dynamic podcast hosts, Rika, the data journalist, and Karri, the seasoned expert, offering engaging insights into e-mobility


Karri is the Head of Growth at Statzon and is an engineer from his education. A tech enthusiast at heart, Karri also enjoys exploring the world of electric vehicles as an end-user. His diverse background offers a unique perspective on the various topics covered in the podcast series.


Rika is a data journalist at Statzon with a specialization in e-mobility. With a robust background in market research, she serves as a cornerstone in gathering and scrutinizing data related to e-mobility. Known for her ability to distill complex insights into easily digestible information, Rika excels at captivating her audience while delivering valuable knowledge.