Top 15 Hottest Early-Stage Robotics Startups in Europe

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As we have covered the hottest robotics start-ups in Germany and the Nordic area, we now try to come up with another list of the hottest start-ups in Europe. As with the previous lists, the start-ups mentioned here are in the seed or pre-seed stage.   

Industrial robotics is still a popular focus, especially for start-ups in Germany. However, there is a growing interest in exploring robotics applications in other sectors such as agriculture+, education, healthcare, and social care.   

1. SAIA Agrobotics (Wageningen, The Netherlands)  

A spin-off from Wageningen University & Research, SAIA Agrobotics brings AI and robotics to agriculture. The goal is to help the transition to autonomous indoor farming as the company believes indoor farming is the solution to the increasing global water scarcities. In 2019 SAIA developed a leaf harvesting robot prototype with the 'agROBOfood' Innovation Hub. Leaf removal is one of the most mundane and labor-intensive tasks that is still done manually by human hands.  

2. Tibot Technologies (Bretagne, France)  

Cofounded by a poultry breeder, Tibot designs poultry robots to increase the productivity and efficiency of poultry farms. Tibot's robots move along the floor 24/7 and urge the birds to lay eggs in the nests. It helps reduce floor eggs and increase those that are clean and marketable. They currently have three robots in their portfolio: Spoutnic, T-Moov, and Spoutnic NAV.  

3. VersaBox (Warsaw, Poland)  

This start-up manufactures AMR-based automation for efficient intralogistics applications. Their product catalog includes power supply, fleet management software, and AMR platforms for different payload categories.    

4. AI Robots (Lohja, Finland)  

This Finnish start-up is working in the field of educational technology. AI Robots develops learning applications based on a voice interface and physical teaching robots to help children learn. Their product is the OVObot, a learning assistant for children to be used in school or at home. OVObot guides children through subjects such as math, history, and science.   

5. Enabled Robotics (Odense, Denmark)  

Another member of the Odense Robotics Start-Up hub. Enabled Robotics specializes in flexible, collaborative robots (cobots). Their robot, the ER-FLEX, is a mobile cobot with easy and intuitive programming that takes less than an hour from unboxing to completely running.   

6. Airnamics (Ljubljana, Slovenia)  

Airnamics develops instinctive robotic camera systems that can be controlled by the movement of your hands and the turning of your head. Currently, they showcase two products: R5, a camera drone, and C1, a ground-based camera motion system.  

7. Turflynx (Santo Estêvão, Portugal)  

Turflynx is based in Santo Estêvão, and they developed the first autonomous and driverless fairway mower available on the market. The robotic mower is specialized for golf course maintenance.   

8. Existo (Milan, Italy)  

Based in Milan, Existo designs and manufactures light and wearable technology to augment human capabilities. Their first product is Sixto, a wearable grasping device designed to compensate for missing hand functions and to give a functional scope to the disabled arm  

9. 10 Lines (Tallinn, Estonia)  

This Sfrom Tallinn offers an autonomous parking lot marking solution. They build autonomous mobile robots that can deliver high-quality striping work.   

10. Tesseract Solution (Saint Quentin, France) 


The company has a mission to democratize the industrial robotics domain. They came up with KMeleon, a robotics programming software that allows people to program their robots without any line of codes or any necessary IT. The software can be used with common robotics brands in industrial settings such as Fanuc, ABB, and Staubli.   

11. NordLuft Automation (Stockholm, Sweden)  

NordLuft Automation works to automate a range of forestry and agricultural businesses via unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs. They designed advanced drone solutions for swarming and heavy loads that can be used for applications such as fertilizing and bio ash recirculation.  

12. Laptics (Odense, Denmark)  

Also a member of Odense Robotics Startup, Laptics is a spin-off from South Denmark University Robotics. The project's aim is to develop a robotic camera arm that will assist surgeons during laparoscopic procedures. Syddansk Innovation and LiNA Medical are also involved in this project.   

13. Tinybots (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)  

The start-up produces Tessa, a social care robot targeted at the elderly population with dementia. Tessa provides remote care by pronouncing periodic reminders, personalized music, storytelling, cognitive therapy, and spoken instructions for daily tasks.  

14. Swarm Logistics (Stuttgart, Germany)  

This start-up specializes in the development of Fleet Control Systems in open environments. They provide a system to fully automate the coordination & orchestration of heterogeneous fleets with trucks, cars, buses, autonomous vehicles & delivery robots in open environments.   

15. WYCA Robotics (Toulouse, France) 

The French start-up manufactures co-activity mobile robots targeted at retail, service, security, and healthcare industry as well as factories. The robots are 100% autonomous and dedicated to indoor operations. Applications of the robots span from picking, sorting, disinfecting, inventory, and delivery to customer guidance and advisor.   

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