Top 15 Hottest Early Stage Robotics Startups in Germany

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According to Market Research Future the German robotics market reached a total turnover of 4.3 billion USD in 2020 and is estimated to reach 11.3 billion USD by 2024. High demand for robotics and automation by advanced German companies and a well-developed market has resulted in the birth of many promising startups across different fields of robotics and automation.  

Statzon has summarised below the top 15 hottest early stage robotics startups in Germany.



Enway is Berlin-based company, which was founded in 2017 and they build automated city services such as street sweeping. They maximise the use of AI robotics and autonomous vehicles to produce one of the finest city’s street sweeping and waste collection services. 

2. Toposens 

Toposens commits to provide best-quality and low-cost 3D ultrasonic sensors technlogy for robotics, autonomous vehicles and smart buildings. 

3. Artisense

Artisense is a frontier-tech company that provides leading 3D-vision technology, which enables the Visual Inertial Positioning Systems (VINS) of vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) navigate independently without GPS. 

4. WAKU Robotics

WAKU Robotics is another Berlin-based company that empowers AI to provide the best robotics solutions for logistics and manufacturing. The software enables users to find, compare and procure via their market space Lots of Bots, which allows users to design the robots they wanted side-by-side with the support of Waku Robotics’s expertise team. 

5. Daedalus

Daedalus develops reconfigurable production capacity that is designed and assembled by robot machinists from CAD to finished parts with an ultimate goal of precision, reliability and speed. 

6. Transolt

Transolt is a robotics company that expertises in warehousing robot automation. The auto-pilot offered by Transolt opens up new opportunities for companies to save costs and increase efficiency of orders picking. 

7. Energy Robotics

With a clear goal of making the hazardous inspection tasks easier and relieving human from the repetitive inspection tasks, Energy Robotics has launched the first commercially software platform for industrial robotics inspection. The robots are used for remote inspection and monitoring the harsh and dangerous industrial environment such as the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. 

8. RobCo

The RobCO robots enable easily assemble, reassemble and configure for different tasks directly on the production site. The software of RobCo offers robot solutions to everyone on the basis of an easy-to-use and readily available full robotics service. 

9. Skycharge 

Skycharge is a frontier-tech company providing drone charging infrastructure supporting UAVs program across different markets. The company’s clients include NASA, enterprises and government entities.. 

10. NODE Robotics 

NODE Robotics is a Stuttgart based company and they offer plug&play software for intralogistics and provide the use of AMRs in industrial environments. 

11. Drag&bot 

Drag&bot is another company based in Stuttgart and they offer a simple and intuitive software to easily program industrial robots. With the unique software, the company provides full support to its customers in a flexible and cost-efficient way along their processes. 

12. ArtiMinds RPS

ArtiMinds RPS specialises in complex series of robotics production such as sensor-adaptive motion program for robot arms, grippers and tools. With an intuitive program, ArtiMinds helps filling the gap between the current technology on autonomous robots and classical industrial robots.

13. Airteam 

Airteam Aerial Intelligence develops Artificial Intelligence-based software that converts drone images into accurate 3D CAD and BIM models. Airteam customers can either fly their drone themselves or rely on Airteam’s global drone pilot network.

14. Swarm Logistics 

Swarm Logistics specialises in providing systems that fully automate the coordination and orchestration of heterogeneous fleets with trucks, cars, buses, autonomous vehicles, AGV and delivery robots.

15. Cube Robot X

The company conducts researches and implements technical drawings for an exoskeleton suit and its control hardware (optical lightquantum computer). 



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