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    Five Remarkable Years of Statzon: The Power of Deep Market Understanding

    In 2018, Tomi Karila and I embarked on a mission with Statzon: a clear-cut dream to offer market insights that could empower the world. From our early days, where ideation met execution, the lessons ...

    Kimmo Kuokkanen
    Electric vehicle companies 2023 Top 5 Hottest EV Companies

    2023 Top 5 Hottest EV Companies

    After covering the top 10 hottest EV charging companies and charging point operators (CPO) in Europe, we now shift our focus to notable EV companies in three major regions of the EV market: the US, ...

    Jenny Lee
    germany robotics startup

    2023 Top 20 Hottest Robotics Startups in Germany

    According to Market Research Future, the German robotics market will reach a total turnover of 5.8 billion USD in 2023 and is estimated to reach 16.7 billion USD by 2027. The robust demand for ...

    Jenny Lee
    CPO charging point operators company in Europe 2023

    2023 Top 10 Biggest Charging Point Operators (CPO) in Europe

    Following our compilation of the 2023 Top 10 Hottest EV Charging Companies in Europe, we proceeded with a more detailed examination to identify the ten biggest charging point operators (CPOs) in ...

    Jenny Lee
    industrial robot company 2023

    2023 Top 10 Hottest Industrial Robot Companies

    As the demand for information on industrial robots continues to soar, we have dedicated our efforts to assembling a comprehensive list highlighting the hottest 10 companies in the industrial robot ...

    Jenny Lee

    Is AI the New Industrial Revolution? How Will It Change the Way We Work

    How soon will the rapidly evolving AI revolutionize the way we do our work? Are we on the edge of the new industrial revolution? How my team and I can use new AI tools in our work? The first two ...

    Karri Takki
    Header image: Electric vehicle charging station

    2023 Top 10 Hottest EV Charging Companies in Europe

    After covering the hottest robotics start-ups in Europe in 2022, we are now shifting our focus to the e-mobility sector and have compiled a list of the top electric vehicle (EV) charging companies in ...

    Jenny Lee

    Revolutionizing the Auto Industry: The Rise of Automotive Robotics

    The use of automotive robotics in the auto industry has been prevalent for several decades, but recent technological advancement renders them more pervasive than ever before. This advancement allows ...

    Shyam Gupta, Next Move Strategy Consulting

    Statzon 2022 Insights - E-Mobility Trending in Searches

    2022 was an excellent year for Statzon. We started the year with a focus on the robotics and automation vertical. Then, in the last quarter, we launched a new vertical e-mobility, and the first ...

    Karri Takki

    38x ROI with Statzon!

    We analyzed Statzon customer usage data for the past year to understand how they use Statzon. On average, our customer downloads 54 market research reports a year.

    Karri Takki