2023 Top 10 Hottest Industrial Robot Companies

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As the demand for information on industrial robots continues to soar, we have dedicated our efforts to assembling a comprehensive list highlighting the hottest 10 companies in the industrial robot field for 2023.

According to insights by MarketsandMarkets, the global industrial robot market is projected to reach USD 53.17 billion in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.3% expected to reach USD 75.3 billion by 2026.

Statzon presents a list that offers a comprehensive overview of various industrial robot companies. This information is based on the latest strategic analysis conducted by Market Research Future, covering the forecast period from 2022 to 2030.

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Stäubli, a Swiss mechatronics company, is highly regarded for its expertise in textile machinery, connectors, and robotics products. Founded in 1982, Stäubli Robotics is their dedicated division focused on automation and robotics. They are specialized in manufacturing SCARA and 6-axis robots for industrial automation, along with controllers and software. With a global presence in 50 countries through business units and agents, the company operates 14 industrial production sites.

Universal Robots

Headquartered in Odense, Denmark, Universal Robots is a renowned manufacturer of collaborative robots, also known as cobots. With a global reach, the company has successfully sold over 34,000 collaborative robots worldwide. In addition to cobots, Universal Robots manufactures industrial robot arms that are designed to automate and optimize repetitive industrial processes. The company's offerings come with numerous benefits, including easy programming, swift set-up, and flexible deployment options. Universal Robots excels in its strong brand portfolio and demonstrates remarkable performance in emerging markets.


Headquartered in Italy, Comau is a multinational company that excels in delivering advanced industrial automation products and systems. Their portfolio includes technologies and systems for electric, hybrid, and traditional vehicle manufacturing, as well as industrial robots, collaborative robots, and wearable robotics. Comau operates an international network consisting of 7 innovation centers, 5 digital hubs, and 8 manufacturing plants, employing over 9,000 people across 14 countries.

CMA Robotics

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Italy, CMA Robotics is a company specializing in designing, manufacturing, and installing a wide range of robots and paint systems. They offer comprehensive solutions to their clients, providing entire systems and spraying equipment. As a single supplier and partner, CMA Robotics offers turnkey solutions that cover everything from installation to the finishing process, ensuring optimal efficiency and expertise throughout the entire project.


Based in Japan, Denso is a prominent company engaged in the manufacturing, design, and sale of automotive components and systems, industrial products, and home appliances. The company operates across multiple business segments, including consumer products, automotive, industrial products, and new business fields. Within the industrial products division, Denso specializes in developing and producing automatic identification products, factory automation products, industrial robots, and QR (Quick response) code readers. Denso's key strengths lie in its diversified regional presence, focus on R&D, and robust financial performance.


Omron Corporation is a renowned manufacturer and marketer of automation components, equipment, and systems. The company operates through four segments: industrial automation (IAB), electronic and mechanical components (EMC), automotive electronic components (AEC), social systems, solutions, and service (SSB), healthcare (HCB), and others. Within the IAB segment, Omron specializes in the production and distribution of factory automation equipment and production machines. Omron Corporation has a strong global presence, with offices and operations in approximately 84 countries. Its geographical reach spans across the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Mitsubishi Electric

Headquartered in Japan, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a leading manufacturer and developer of electric and electronic equipment. The company specializes in various areas, including factory automation, elevators and escalators, heating and cooling components, semiconductors, and display walls. Within the industrial automation systems business segment, Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide range of products and systems for industrial automation. This includes industrial automation products and systems, measurement and control systems, automotive and electronic products, and industrial robots. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation boasts several strengths, including a robust R&D team, a diverse product portfolio, and a strong brand value. The company has a global presence and operates through offices located in the United States, Germany, India, China, and other Asian countries


Headquartered in Japan, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. is a prominent company engaged in the design, development, and manufacturing of transport equipment and heavy industrial machinery for both military and commercial purposes. The company operates across multiple segments, including mobility, energy, industrial equipment, and leisure. Within the industrial equipment category, Kawasaki Heavy Industries focuses on various areas, including hydraulic components and systems, robotics, industrial plants, environment and recycling, as well as construction. This diverse range of offerings showcases their expertise in supplying essential equipment and solutions for industrial applications.  

 Yaskawa Electric

Yaskawa Electric Corporation, a prominent automation company, specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions. The company's core products encompass servo motors, controllers, AC drives, and industrial robots. Within the system engineering segment, the company provides services such as steel plant business, social system business, environment and energy business, and industrial electronics business. The other segment encompasses offerings related to EV drive systems and logistics.


FANUC Corporation is a multinational corporation that specializes in providing automation products and services, with a particular focus on robotics and computer numerical control (CNC) wireless systems. Within their Robot Products category, FANUC offers a range of solutions including Articulated Robots, Delta Robots, and Intelligent Features, showcasing their expertise in advanced robotic technologies. With a global presence, FANUC operates offices across various regions including Japan, America, Europe, Asia, and South Africa. This extensive network enables the company to effectively serve customers worldwide and cater to diverse industry needs.


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