2023 Top 10 Hottest Collaborative Robot (Cobot) Companies

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The global collaborative robot market is booming, showing exceptional growth potential. In 2022, it was valued at USD 760 million, with a remarkable 40.5% annual growth rate. This trajectory is set to catapult the market to a staggering USD 22.6 billion by 2032, capturing the attention of industry experts and investors alike. 

Introducing the hottest list of 2023, where company size is not the sole criteria for recognition. This compilation highlights the hottest and most remarkable companies, irrespective of their scale or industry prominence. Among these featured organizations are those that, despite their relative size, have accomplished incredible feats, positioning themselves as noteworthy industry influencers. For a deeper dive into the 2023 Global Collaborative Robot Producers and Models, you can explore further details here. 

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Comau is an Italian company in the automation industry, located in Turin, Italy, and is a part of the automaker Stellantis. They operate in 13 countries and have a workforce of 4,000 people. One remarkable product they offer is the Comau Aura, known for its impressive payload capacity of 170 kg, the highest in the market. The Aura also boasts an extensive horizontal reach, spanning 2790 mm. If you're interested in collaborative robots with exceptional payload capacity, you can find more details in this article. 


Stäubli is a global company based in Pfäffikon, Switzerland that specializes in industrial and mechatronic solutions. They have four divisions: Electrical Connectors, Fluid Connectors, Robotics, and Textile. Stäubli was founded way back in 1892. They have a big team of over 4,500 people, and they make more than 1 billion Swiss francs in sales every year. Stäubli's TX2touch POWER cobot range offers safe Man Robot Collaboration with advanced technology and high productivity. Nowadays, they provide creative solutions to industries all over the world. If you want to learn about the top well-established companies in the market, you can find more information in this article. 

Kassow Robots 

Kassow Robots, founded in 2014 by Kristian Kassow, a former co-founder of Universal Robots, is based in Kastrup, Hovedstaden, Denmark. One of Kassow's standout models offers an impressive maximum horizontal reach. Their mission is to create and manufacture sturdy 7-axis lightweight robots that excel in power, speed, reach, and payload capacity. These robots are designed to assist small and medium-sized industrial enterprises (SMEs) in performing automation tasks with remarkable flexibility, easy programming, and outstanding cost-effectiveness. 

Locus Robotics 

Established in 2014, Locus Robotics Inc. has its global headquarters in Wilmington, Massachusetts. The LocusBots, which are cobots, are designed to automatically learn the most efficient travel routes within your warehouse, resulting in a remarkable 2x to 3x increase in worker efficiency and productivity compared to traditional cart picking methods. Their zone-based system enables hands-free picking, significantly reducing errors. Their technology collaborates with human workers to enhance order efficiency and boost fulfillment speed, achieving nearly perfect order accuracy. If you want to explore more about other well-established companies in the field, you can find additional information here

AUBO Robotics 

Founded in 2015, AUBO Robotics is a high-tech company dedicated to researching, developing, producing, and selling collaborative robots. AUBO Robotics is headquartered in Beijing, China. They offer models that are recognized for their top-ranking TCP speed. You can find these top-performing models listed here. 

Franka Emika 

Located in Munich, Bayern, Germany, Franka Emika is a robotics company that was founded in 2016 by Sami Haddadin and his brother Simon, along with a team of seasoned experts. The company is known for its development of the Panda collaborative robot arm, a notable product in the field of robotics. Franka Emika has established itself as a key player in the industry, contributing to advancements in robotic technology. 

Zimmer Group 

Established in 1980 with its headquarters in Rheinau, Germany, and three production sites in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Zimmer Group is a pioneering manufacturer that introduced HRC-capable grippers to the market. This groundbreaking innovation received recognition through the Handling Award in 2015, and Zimmer Group currently boasts the world's most extensive portfolio of HRC grippers.

Doosan Robotics

Founded in 2015, Doosan Robotics operates under the umbrella of the South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation, Doosan Group, which gained recognition by entering the Fortune Global 500 index in 2009. Doosan Robotics specializes in the design and production of advanced industrial robots for automating production processes. These robots are acclaimed for their exceptional quality, reliability, and adaptability. For more details on Doosan's robot model with the highest payload, you can find additional information here.

JAKA Robotics

Established in 2014, JAKA Robotics, whose name stands for "Just Always Keep Amazing," is a high-tech company based in Shanghai, China, dedicated to innovation and research and development (R&D) for the new generation of cobots and smart factories. They are known for their commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology. One of their robot models has earned recognition for being among the fastest collaborative robots available in the market. 

Han's Robot  

Established in 2017 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Han's Robot is committed to advancing the development, implementation, and widespread use of intelligent robots across various sectors, including industry, healthcare, logistics, and services. Their primary focus lies in industrial cobots, and they have a model recognized for having the highest payload among collaborative robots, which you can learn more about here. 




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