Five Remarkable Years of Statzon: The Power of Deep Market Understanding

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In 2018, Tomi Karila and I embarked on a mission with Statzon: a clear-cut dream to offer market insights that could empower the world. From our early days, where ideation met execution, the lessons we've gathered have been profound, shaping the trajectory of our vision and offerings.

By 2020, we made a pivotal shift into the Robotics and Automation sector. With the introduction of a subscription model, this evolution demonstrated our adaptability and foresight. Our 2022 move into the E-mobility vertical was not just a strategic expansion but a reaffirmation of our commitment to resonate with market dynamics. This strategic alignment led to an exhilarating growth spurt for Statzon, and today, we house over 14 million market insights spanning 12,000 diverse topics.

Having the trust of over 1,200 organizations worldwide is an immense honor. But if there's one element that stands out as the cornerstone of our journey, it's our unwavering emphasis on deep market understanding. This has been our compass. By delving into the nuances of the market, recognizing emerging patterns, and being attuned to our customer needs, we've unlocked the ability to create unparalleled value. This isn't just a business strategy; it's our ethos. True value emerges from genuine understanding, and as we've witnessed when you cultivate such value, businesses don't just grow; they flourish. This principle is not just our success story; it's the narrative we passionately advocate for our users.

Our vision is a reflection of our learnings: "To create a world where individuals and organizations can make informed decisions that drive success, facilitated by swift, reliable, and significant market insights. By merging data from a multitude of sources, we prioritize accessibility and time-efficiency."

As we commemorate our 5th anniversary, my heart is filled with gratitude to our team, our users, our invaluable partners, and especially our investors who entrusted us with their belief and resources – a heartfelt thank you. Your faith has been the pillar supporting Statzon's milestones.

The future beckons with promises of further growth, challenges, and the continuous quest for deeper market understanding. We are excited, ready, and grateful to be on this journey.

To the following chapters and the invaluable lessons they bring,

Warmest regards,
Kimmo Kuokkanen.

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