Siemens Digital Industries: Revolutionizing Market Insight Access with Statzon

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Siemens Digital Industries is a division of Siemens focused on the integration of automation and information technology to address the demands of modern industrial sectors. As of the fiscal year 2022, the division has a global workforce of 76,200 employees and reported revenue of 19.5 billion. Recognized for its prominence in industrial software and automation, Siemens Digital Industries is leading in the field. 92% of Fortune 500 companies utilize their software solutions, and 24 of the top 25 companies in the automotive industry rely on their software. Additionally, 33% of machines globally operate with a Siemens controller. These figures provide an objective snapshot of the division's significant role and influence in the broader industrial landscape.

Ulli Thornton

Ulli Thornton has been associated with Siemens for nearly 18 years. Currently, Ulli is the Product Marketing Manager for Industrial Identification and Locating & Distributor Business Development in the US, located in the Portland, Oregon Metropolitan Area. Her tenure with Siemens has seen her work in the Digital Industry (DI) segment, specifically within Process Automation (PA) and the Digital Connectivity and Power (DCP) business segment.


Ulli Thornton and her team faced significant hurdles in accessing timely and accurate market insights for their work. They primarily sourced their market intelligence from Siemens' Germany headquarters. However, the information available needed to be updated or more specific to their needs. Ulli reached out to multiple business units within the US, but the data she received was mainly tailored to the European market or didn’t represent the required insights into the distinct product portfolios. Ulli and her team urgently needed a reliable and faster solution to access accurate market insights to guide their strategic decisions and define market-specific initiatives and efficient marketing activities.


Ulli turned her attention to Statzon after evaluating and testing several other market intelligence platforms and providers. Statzon emerged as the preferred choice for the following reasons:

  • User-friendly interface: The Statzon platform was easy to navigate, allowing users to retrieve the necessary data with minimal effort.
  • Data integrity: Statzon's collaboration with trusted providers ensured the data's accuracy and reliability.
  • Exceptional customer service: Statzon's team was always ready to address any inquiries and help to find the needed insights.
  • Adaptable solutions: Statzon demonstrated flexibility by accommodating Ulli's specific requirements for access, tailoring their offerings to Siemens' particular requirements.
  • Outstanding value for investment: Statzon's offerings were comprehensive and top-notch. However, what distinguished them from other platforms was the immense value they provided for the investment, ensuring Siemens received the best quality insights for their strategic needs without compromising on value.

"The tool itself is very user-friendly. I cannot tell you what it is, but it's just for me. When I look at this, I know exactly what I have to do." - Ulli Thornton, Siemens


Adopting Statzon ushered in numerous advantages for Ulli and Siemens:

  • Swift access to insights: Ulli and her team could seamlessly obtain the market insights they required, bypassing the need for time-consuming searches or consulting various sources.
  • Augmented confidence: With reliable insights, Siemens could formulate informed strategic plans, craft impactful customer-facing presentations, and refine their marketing strategies.
  • Positive word-of-mouth: The intuitive nature of Statzon and the depth of information it provided prompted Ulli to endorse the platform to several colleagues and business associates.
  • Robust business relationships: The attentive and proactive customer support from Statzon cemented a durable and trustworthy business association, with Ulli emerging as a satisfied and loyal client.

"I'm a big fan. I really like the relationship that we have and more importantly, the small amount of time that I have to invest and the data I get in return." - Ulli Thornton, Siemens

To sum it up, Statzon offered an all-encompassing remedy to the challenges Siemens grappled with, equipping them with the market insights crucial to propelling their business to greater heights. 

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