From Acquiring Market Reports to On-Demand Intelligence: Mitsubishi Electric Europe's Success Story with Statzon

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Mitsubishi Electric Europe is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, which is responsible for the company's operations in the European region. It has branches and subsidiaries in various countries across Europe.  

Mitsubishi Electric Europe sells and supports a wide range of high-quality products and solutions, including air conditioning systems, automotive equipment, factory automation systems, power devices, and semiconductors. The company's products and solutions are designed to meet the needs of various industries, including automotive, energy, industrial automation, and information technology.   

Piotr Siwek, Digital Marketing Director, Mitsubishi Electric  

Piotr Siwek (1)Piotr Siwek has been working at Mitsubishi Electric for over twelve  years. Currently, he is the Digital Marketing Director. Piotr is responsible for digital marketing for the whole EMEA region for the factory automation business unit. His responsibilities include communicating value propositions through digital channels and accessing new customers to help them see the benefits Mitsubishi Electrics can deliver to them. To do this, he must clearly understand the nature of potential customers and their business.   

Before Statzon  

Before Statzon, Piotr's team had acquired specific market reports. But understanding what a particular research company can deliver requires a lot of work. Most of the time, they had little influence on the data type they would get in the report. Sometimes reports met their expectations, other times, they didn't. With Statzon, they now have continuous access to different market information and can even choose which source they want to use for their specific query.   

"The process of having the intelligence in front of our eyes is much faster, and we reduce the risk of getting the information that is not meeting our expectations."  

Evaluating Statzon  

The value proposition of Statzon was very attractive and got Piotr and his team interested in trying it. The possibility of having one place for the market intelligence they need sounded good. Initially, Piotr thought they would have a subscription only for one year, but Statzon proved helpful in their work, so they decided to continue the subscription.   

On-demand market intelligence 

Piotr and his team have been using Statzon platform for on-demand access to market intelligence. Piotr also highlights three significant differences before and after using Statzon: 

  1. There is faster access to intelligence, and the platform provides data in a user-friendly visual way.
  2. The ease of analysis as the platform is user-friendly and quite fast. 
  3. Having historical data on top of market research reports is extremely helpful in understanding the latest developments in the area of interest, which still needs to be reflected in the market research reports.    

" With market intelligence, we are able to better understand our customers."  

Better market and customer understanding   

Market intelligence is essential to understand specific markets and better understand the customers. Piotr emphasizes that the manufacturing processes are often similar but vary depending on the industry type. Using Statzon's platform, they can easily analyze data and access market research reports. This helps them communicate their value proposition precisely and access new customers.  

"If I need some information quickly, I can make it happen by using Statzon."   

On-demand and reduced risks  

Overall, Mitsubishi Electric benefits significantly from using Statzon's platform. They can access on-demand data and reduce the risk of getting irrelevant information, making their processes more efficient. In addition, with market intelligence, they can understand their customers better and communicate their value proposition more precisely. 

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