Kongsberg Automotive and Statzon's Market Intelligence Platform

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Kongsberg Automotive, headquartered in Zurich, is a leading global automotive company specializing in powertrain, chassis, and specialty products. With a 2022 revenue of €906 million and a talented workforce of approximately 5,500 professionals, the company showcases its expertise across 18 countries worldwide. Publicly traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange, Kongsberg Automotive remains at the forefront of automotive innovation, demonstrating excellence in both its products and its extensive global operations.

Panteleimon Tsiminos

Panteleimon Tsiminos - Kongsberg AutomotivePanteleimon Tsiminos, a dedicated professional with 33 years of service at Kongsberg Automotive, has spent the majority of his last 20 years in sales development and program management functions. As a veteran in the automotive industry, he has seen firsthand the rapid transformations and challenges the sector faces. His primary responsibility is sales development, particularly identifying new opportunities and strategizing for the future.


“The automotive sector is at the moment facing transformation and the question is of course which product, which strategy we should be following." - Panteleimon Tsiminos

The automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation, raising questions about product choices, strategic direction, and active focus areas. Gathering relevant, up-to-date market information has often been a cumbersome task. Traditional methods of gaining insights, such as talking to customers and purchasing expensive reports where only a fraction of the information might be relevant, left gaps in the overall understanding of the market.

“What I've learned is sometimes you're paying a high amount for a report, but you need only maybe one page." - Panteleimon Tsiminos


Panteleimon and his team at Kongsberg Automotive decided to try the Statzon platform. With its vast database of insights and reports across various sectors, Statzon offers a more comprehensive view of the automotive landscape. Panteleimon particularly appreciated the platform's customization capabilities, allowing users to delve deep into specific areas of interest such as autonomous driving or manual transmissions. This level of detail and flexibility, combined with the platform's user-friendly interface, made it an attractive tool for market analysis. Moreover, comparing and contrasting information from various sources within Statzon allowed Panteleimon to form a more holistic and informed opinion.

"I try to get as much information from all sides, then make my own opinion in the end."


Using Statzon, Kongsberg Automotive gained a broader understanding of the market's direction. The platform proved to be cost-effective, eliminating the need to purchase expensive, extensive reports for a small fraction of relevant information. By integrating Statzon's insights with other data sources, the team could form a more comprehensive and nuanced view of market trends and future trajectories. Panteleimon found the platform especially useful in his area, passenger cars, where he could share reports with his colleagues, fostering a more informed and collaborative environment.

The rapidly evolving landscape of the automotive industry demands accurate, up-to-date market insights. Platforms like Statzon, with their vast repositories of data and user-friendly interfaces, provide companies like Kongsberg Automotive with the tools they need to navigate these challenges and stay ahead of the curve.


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