Idealworks & Statzon - Harnessing Market Insights for Strategic Growth

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As a forward-thinking deep tech company, idealworks has been enabling the future of logistics and industrial automation since November 2020. Its flexible, scalable robotics ecosystem, featuring the intelligent automation platform AnyFleet for seamless mobile robot integration, the CE-certified autonomous mobile robot (AMR) iw.hub, and the advanced robotics operating system iw.os, is reshaping intralogistics processes for companies globally. Emerging from its roots as a BMW Group spinoff, idealworks is committed to driving efficiency and operational optimization in a rapidly evolving automation landscape.

Lukas Diewald, Senior Strategy Manager

Luka DiewaldLukas plays a pivotal role at idealworks. As a key figure supporting the definition of idealworks’ corporate strategy, Lukas oversees essential aspects of the business. His responsibilities encompass a wide range of various strategic decisions. Furthermore, Lukas handles the critical task of overviewing market developments, to ensure that idealworks can offer their customer the technologically advanced and most reliable solutions.


"For us, it's very important that we challenge our strategy and our strategic direction on a regular basis to fulfil market needs and provide our customer the best possible solutions." - Lukas Diewald, idealworks


idealworks, as a forward-thinking deep tech company, faced significant challenges in acquiring market insights. As a young company spin off from the BMW Group, idealworks had to navigate the complexities of market segmentation and customer needs in a rapidly evolving industry. Their primary challenge was the lack of a centralized platform for market research. They relied on ad hoc methods, manually searching for and tracking relevant reports in various platforms and occasionally purchasing specific reports. This fragmented approach was time-consuming and inefficient.

 "Before using Statzon, it was just our own research. We had no platform where we had access to all the relevant reports. To be time efficient there was the need for a centralized solution." - Lukas Diewald, idealworks


In their search for a comprehensive market intelligence solution, idealworks discovered Statzon. Impressed by the platform's user-friendly interface and the breadth of resources, they adopted Statzon as their primary source of market insights. The platform's centralized nature allowed idealworks to streamline their research process, offering easy access to a wide range of reports and data sets. This supported the deep understanding of developments in the market.

”Why we chose Statzon. It looked easy to use and it had lot of relevant reports and the newest articles, with insights about market developments. We now use Statzon as our primary source for market information. We always check Statzon first.” - Lukas Diewald, idealworks


Utilizing Statzon for over a year, idealworks experienced measurable improvements in their work process. The time and resources spent on market research were significantly reduced, leading to more efficient and focused strategic planning. With access to Statzon’s vast library of reports and data from credible sources, idealworks could better understand market dynamics, customer requirements, and growth potential in various regions. This comprehensive market understanding enabled them to tailor their strategies effectively, fostering more robust growth and development for their robotics ecosystem. 

”Statzon saves time and helps us to focus on what matters, we are able to find the most suitable reports and data sets which were necessary for us” - Lukas Diewald, idealworks


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