Navigating the Automotive Landscape: Evum Motors' Journey with Statzon's Insights

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Evum MotorsEvum Motors is an automotive company that originated from a research project at the Technical University of Munich. Founded in 2017, the company's roots trace back to 2013, when the research project aimed to address the transportation needs in rural sub-Saharan Africa. Led by its two founders and a team of dedicated students and professors, the goal was to democratize transportation and mobility. The company has grown exponentially since its inception, boasting about 150 employees and achieving turnovers in the double-digit million range.

Dominik Fries, Evum Motors

Portrait_Dominik Fries_EVUM Motors (1)Dominik Fries has been a part of Evum Motors since its early days. Joining the company in its initial stages, he has witnessed its journey from a research project to a thriving business. As the Head of Business Development, Dominik has been instrumental in shaping the company's strategic direction and ensuring its growth.


For Evum Motors, understanding market dynamics was crucial. Initially, the company heavily focused on entering the African market. However, by late 2019, there was a strategic shift to target the European market, which required reengineering the product to fit European standards regarding offering, pricing, and more. Before using Statzon, the company relied on free data resources and its extensive network to gather market insights. This approach had limitations, especially in forecasting and understanding specific market segments.

"Before we used Statzon, we relied on publicly available data, for example, vehicle registration data from local authorities. This data type is backward-sighted and only covers some vehicles, as all vehicles don't need to be registered, especially those used outside the streets or on specific premises. Hence, you cannot get a comprehensive forecast from it. And a proper, encompassing forecast is always crucial, especially when seeking growth." Dominik Fries, Evum Motors


Statzon emerged as the solution to Evum Motors' market research challenges. The platform offered comprehensive data, allowing the company to analyze the growth of the electric commercial vehicle segment over the past years. With Statzon, Evum Motors could easily access continuously updated reports, keeping them informed about the latest market trends.

Dominik especially appreciates the platform's user-friendly interface, which allowed him to access all the required data in one place without being bombarded with unnecessary notifications. The platform's reliability and comprehensive data repository ensured that the information presented to internal and external stakeholders was accurate and convincing.


Since integrating Statzon into their research process, Evum Motors has experienced significant improvements in their strategic planning and decision-making processes.

"What I really appreciate about Statzon, is that you get all the data on one platform." Dominik Fries, Evum Motors

Dominik Fries wholeheartedly recommends Statzon to others in the industry. For him, Statzon is not just a data platform but a partner that understands the needs of young and innovative companies, offering tailored solutions that drive success. 

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