Agilox Building Winning Business Cases with Statzon

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AGILOX is a manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots located in Austria. Founded in 2017, AGILOX has grown and is one of the interesting scale-ups in mobile robotics. 

The first product was AGILOX ONE, and various products have been launched since then.

AGILOX develops mobile robots with free navigation systems focused on the automotive industry. They also provide and develop solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, intralogistics, and manufacturing automation. 

"We are developing a new generation of AMRs, a self-service product with open interfaces. We focus on simple operation and maximum freedom of movement. Our X-SWARM Technology offers the necessary flexibility for future logistics processes."

- David Niedermaier, CTO & Co-Founder. 

Thomas Knogler – Team lead product management 

Thomas_Knogler circleThomas is a team lead of the product management at AGILOX. He works as an interface between sales and the R&D department. He is looking at, and analysing the AMR/AGV market and forming a strategy for what the market needs in the next three to five years. His responsibilities are towards strategic business decisions if there is going to be a need for a particular type of product.

A challenge to find reliable information 

Before Statzon, the team got their information mainly from internal sources like the sales team, they made their estimates on the market sizes.  
They also purchased market reports when needed, but finding the correct information and evaluating whether the source was reliable was challenging.  
"Some companies are not doing great work. They're just bringing in some market data and figures and try to sell them." - Thomas Knogler, Team lead product management.

Statzon supporting strategic decisions

Thomas and his team use Statzon when they are preparing product development projects. Part of the process is to prepare a business case. When preparing a business case, they get market data and analyze how to position the new product. Strategic decisions that affect three to five years are done based on these business case stories. 

"The impact on performance has been noticeable before it was time-consuming and not often so easy to get market data, but with Statzon, we can find and access valuable market data from multiple sources easily"

- Thomas Knogler, Team lead product management. 

Thomas usually starts working on a case by calculating the average of all available reports, and with Statzon, he can access several reports easily without making several separate purchases. Then he forms his market predictions, which is not easy in their industry as many of the predictions are very different in terms of market size and volume per company.

Predicting market size and volumes up to several years ahead is challenging. Here Statzon is a very valuable tool as they can compare views and reports from several market researchers worldwide.  


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