Statzon Partners with Futures Platform to Offer Comprehensive Industry Trend Reports

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In a significant development for market intelligence, Statzon, a provider of in-depth market insights, has announced a new partnership with Futures Platform, a renowned provider of analysis on future trends and scenarios. This collaboration promises to enhance the strategic decision-making capabilities of organizations by providing access to a wealth of future-focused intelligence.

The partnership will enable Statzon users to access industry trend reports published by the Futures Platform. These reports, authored by an expert team of futurists, deliver insights on key trends and early change signals across various sectors, including finance, urban planning, and energy.

Ville Vanhala Futures PlatformVille Vanhala, Director of Corporate Development and Co-Founder at Futures Platform, highlighted the value of cross-industry insights, stating, "Today’s most disruptive shifts often first emerge outside one’s own industry. Our reports offer a comprehensive 360-degree view of potentially disruptive change signals emerging across industries, empowering Statzon subscribers to proactively future-proof their strategic decision-making."

Kimmo Kuokkanen Statzon In light of the new partnership, Kimmo Kuokkanen, CEO of Statzon, emphasized the importance of the collaboration: "In an era where the pace of change is unrelenting, trust and transparency in the data we provide are paramount. This partnership with Futures Platform represents our commitment to delivering the most reliable and forward-looking market intelligence to our clients."

Statzon continues to offer unparalleled access to market insights, with over 14 million data points from 12,000 topics, industries, and technologies globally, aiding technology companies in making informed business decisions.

About Futures Platform

Futures Platform is the industry standard source for future trends, scenarios, and long-term change. It’s a full-functionality visual and collaborative toolbox for foresight and management teams, ensuring your organization’s strategy and key decisions are future-proof. The solution brings together an AI-powered digital platform and the expertise of professional futurists. At its core, the platform features more than 1000 analyses of future phenomena – from technological and environmental to societal and market shifts.

 About Statzon

Statzon is a subscription-based market intelligence platform providing access to in-depth market reports and insights from thousands of trusted sources. With Statzon, technology companies can make strategic business decisions based on up-to-date market information. Statzon helps you make better strategic plans and decisions with the easiest and fastest access to the deepest, highest quality, and most up-to-date data, forecasts, and insights - immediately and cost-efficiently!

Statzon platform gives you ongoing access to +14M market insights from 12,000 topics, industries, and technologies globally.

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