Statzon Launches "Market Intelligence as a Service" to Help Companies Make Informed Business Decisions

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Statzon, the market intelligence solution provider, has launched a new service called Market Intelligence as a Service (MIaaS) to help companies of all sizes access high-quality market research and analysis without needing a dedicated market research team. The innovative new service combines the power of Statzon's market intelligence platform with the expertise of experienced market researchers and a network of experts.

"With MIaaS, we aim to empower companies to make informed business decisions by providing them with comprehensive market research and analysis on any specific topic they need." - Kimmo Kuokkanen, CEO of Statzon. 



"We understand that many companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, may not have the resources to conduct proper market research themselves. With our new service, they can now use our external resources and gain access to the same level of expertise and data that larger companies have." - Kimmo Kuokkanen, CEO of Statzon. 


MIaaS is perfect for companies looking to stay ahead of the competition by understanding their market better. Clients only need to describe what they want to understand better, and Statzon takes care of the rest. Clients receive a brief that Statzon's analysts have built based on 250+ data sources in the company's vast database.

The basic package includes 100 hours of analyst services per year and unlimited access to Statzon's +3M market insight database for €2900/month. 

"Compared to the average market intelligence manager salary in Germany, which was €79,054 per year in 2022, our clients can get 100 hours of market intelligence manager services per year and unlimited access to our database for a fraction of the cost." - Kimmo Kuokkanen, CEO of Statzon. 


For more information about Market Intelligence as a Service, visit  or contact Statzon's sales team at

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