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Statzon expands its offering by launching a new vertical focusing on the electric mobility (e-mobility) market. With the rise of electric vehicles and the growing initiative for decarbonization, e-mobility is one trend that should not be overlooked.  

Statzon already has a stronghold in Robotics and Automation sector, and the company intends to bring that strength to other sectors to reach a wider client base. For this purpose, Statzon is in partnership with several reputable research providers, and together they created a seamless process for publishing market data related to e-mobility. You can find e-mobility market data from The Insight Partners, IDATE DigiWorld, and Next Move Strategy Consulting, among others, within the Statzon database.  

Quoting Kimmo Kuokkanen, Statzon’s CEO and co-founder: “Statzon follows the trends in the market closely, and e-mobility is a fast-moving megatrend that has been getting a lot of attention globally. With this new vertical, we provide a solution to access all required market intelligence in one place for those who are interested in the e-mobility sector” 

The topic of e-mobility is a big game changer for the automotive industry, but it also has an enormous impact on other industries. As the classic ICE powertrain will be replaced by an electric motor, the battery market witnesses a significant surge, which in turn affects the energy industry that progressively relies on lithium batteries for the power grid. Statzon also notices how the automation industry is tapping into the e-mobility market by creating automated production systems for electric vehicles (EVs). While EVs have fewer mechanical parts, they require a large number of new electronic components, including the most integral part of the vehicle – the electric battery. 

The launch of this new vertical is aimed at supporting both new and existing users of Statzon interested in the e-mobility market. Statzon aspires to launch other verticals in the future, as Karri Takki, Head of Growth at Statzon, said: “We are constantly changing for the better. We aim to be on top of the digital ecosystem when it comes to data intelligence. Based on the close collaboration with our customers, we understand the value of high-quality data for informed business decisions.”

About Statzon 

Statzon is the only solution for businesses to access high-quality data from +250 trusted research providers using a single subscription. It gives the user access to +3M market insights and reports that are continually updated. Currently, Statzon offers market insights and reports on 12K topics, industries, and technologies. Statzon helps you make better strategic plans and faster decision-making processes by providing easy and cost-efficient access to the highest quality and freshly updated data, forecasts, and insights.

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