Statzon Broadens Its Horizon with the Launch of a New Energy Vertical

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In its continued mission to empower technology companies with cutting-edge market intelligence, Statzon is excited to announce the expansion of its services by adding a new energy vertical. This initiative builds on Statzon's successful forays into rapidly growing industries such as robotics & automation and e-mobility, underscoring its commitment to providing in-depth insights across critical sectors.

Statzon's new Energy vertical is specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for reliable, comprehensive insights into renewable energies and energy storage, reflecting the global urgency for sustainable energy solutions. This strategic expansion aims to serve the existing customer base more deeply and attract new clients keen on navigating the complexities of the energy sector.

Karri Takki, Head of Growth at Statzon, commented on the launch, "Our journey through robotics, automation, and e-mobility has shown us the transformative power of targeted, high-quality market intelligence. With the energy vertical, we're extending our reach into one of the most pivotal sectors of our time. We're not just responding to market demand but actively contributing to a sustainable future by focusing on renewable energies and energy storage."

The Energy vertical promises to offer Statzon's subscribers access to more than 14 million market insights, drawing from a global pool of trusted sources. These insights include market analyses, future trend forecasts, and in-depth reports designed to enable technology companies and professionals to make informed, strategic decisions rapidly and efficiently.

Reflecting on the importance of this expansion, Takki added, "Energy is the backbone of global economies and a critical component of our everyday lives. By providing our users with actionable insights into renewable energy and storage markets, we're equipping them to lead in their respective fields and to contribute to a more sustainable world."

With this launch, Statzon reaffirms its position as a key player in market intelligence, offering unrivaled access to data, forecasts, and insights across multiple industries and technologies globally.

For detailed information about the new energy vertical and to explore Statzon's comprehensive market insights, please visit Statzon's Energy Page.

About Statzon:

Statzon is a subscription-based market intelligence platform that delivers extensive market reports and insights from thousands of trusted sources. By covering diverse industries such as robotics and automation, e-mobility, and now energy, Statzon empowers technology companies and professionals with the knowledge needed for superior strategic planning and accelerated decision-making processes.



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