Statzon and Tanalyze Ltd. Announce Strategic Collaboration to Enhance Market Intelligence Offerings

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Statzon, a subscription-based market intelligence platform, is thrilled to announce its strategic collaboration with Tanalyze Ltd., a renowned expert in market research. This partnership continues Statzon's mission to revolutionize access to market insights, combining Statzon's vast repository of millions of market insights with Tanalyze's in-depth research.

Tanalyze Ltd. has established itself as a pivotal player in the market research industry, with a focus on new technologies, retail, biotechnology, healthcare, high-end manufacturing, and environmental protection. Their commitment to providing detailed research reports, backed by a team of experts and extensive data collection, aligns perfectly with Statzon's mission to offer the most up-to-date and high-quality market data and forecasts.

Through this collaboration, Statzon's platform will be enhanced by Tanalyze's unique insights, which cover a broad spectrum of industries and are built upon a deep understanding of downstream demand trends. This synergy will empower technology companies and business decision-makers to make more informed strategic decisions, leveraging a global perspective enriched by Tanalyze's strategic partnerships in 44 countries and a wealth of over 10,000 data points.

"We are excited to partner with Tanalyze Ltd. and integrate their unparalleled market research into our platform," said Kimmo Kuokkanen, CEO of Statzon. "This collaboration will expand our offering and provide our clients with even more valuable insights to drive their business growth."

Jonathan Ma, Marketing Executive of Tanalyze Ltd., added, "At Tanalyze, we take immense pride in providing precise and trustworthy industry data that empowers businesses to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve. Statzon's impressive customer portfolio spanning multiple industries presents a remarkable opportunity for us to disseminate our meticulously curated data to a broader audience."

This strategic partnership gives Statzon subscribers access to the Tanalyze market data and reports. 

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About Statzon

Statzon is a subscription-based market intelligence platform offering access to in-depth market reports and insights from thousands of trusted sources. Focusing on technology companies, Statzon aids in strategic business decision-making by providing fast and easy access to high-quality, up-to-date data, forecasts, and insights.

About Tanalyze Ltd.

Tanalyze Ltd. is a premier provider of research reports spanning diverse domains, including technology, retail, biotechnology, healthcare, manufacturing, and environmental protection. The company is dedicated to delivering in-depth industry research reports and consulting services, leveraging data-driven insights to identify market opportunities and innovative technologies that catalyze growth for its clients.

Tanalyze's unwavering commitment to accuracy and reliability has solidified its reputation as a preeminent source of actionable insights across myriad industries. Through meticulous data analysis and comprehensive market intelligence, the company empowers its clientele to confidently navigate complex business landscapes, facilitating informed decision-making processes.

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