Market Intelligence Startup Statzon Raises a 400K EUR Seed Round to Expand to New Industry Verticals

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A Finnish market intelligence startup, Statzon, today announced that it has successfully raised a 400K EUR seed funding round. The round includes equity funding from investors as well as an R&D loan from Business Finland. The company raised investments from existing investors, such as Gorilla Capital, and a new investor, Sofokus Ventures.

Statzon’s product is a unique market intelligence platform. With one subscription, the users access over 3M market reports and insights from over 250 curated market research providers. After a successful launch in the first vertical and many of the top global automation and robotics companies as its customers, the company has scaled its coverage to a new vertical, e-mobility. The new funding will be used for global expansion, scaling to new industries as well as product development.

“In 2022, Statzon was able to demonstrate growth in selected verticals, and they have a highly scalable business model to be replicated in more areas. Growth was achieved by a systematic approach to creating visibility on selected topics and becoming leader in those. We have confidence in the team's capabilities and their passion to build a world-class business and wanted to join Statzon as an investor. We believe that the new funding will support further growth and enables the platform’s development and expansion,” commented Turo Numminen, Co-founder of Sofokus Ventures.

“After the first vertical, we have successfully scaled to e-mobility. We are working closely with our customers to create more and more value for them. With many of the leading global companies such as Mitsubishi Electric, Stäubli, and Schunk already working with us, we have proven that we are able to create a lot of value for our customers when it comes to a better market understanding. We are ready to expand and scale our operations,” says Kimmo Kuokkanen, CEO and co-founder of Statzon.

More information:

Kimmo Kuokkanen
CEO & Co-Founder
+358 504 713 021

About Statzon

Statzon is the only solution for businesses to access high-quality data from +250 trusted research providers using a single subscription. It gives the user access to +3M market insights and reports that are continually updated. Currently, Statzon offers market insights and reports on 12K topics, industries, and technologies. Statzon helps you make better strategic plans and faster decision-making processes by providing easy and cost-efficient access to the highest quality and freshly updated data, forecasts, and insights.

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