Enhancing Strategic Decision-Making: Statzon Integrates Opoint's Real-Time News Data into Market Intelligence Platform

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 In a groundbreaking move designed to transform the landscape of market intelligence, Statzon, known for its extensive aggregation of global market insights, has announced a strategic partnership with Opoint, a renowned provider of comprehensive real-time news data. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in both companies' commitment to enhancing strategic planning and decision-making tools for technology companies worldwide.

Through this partnership, Statzon will integrate Opoint's expansive news data into its market intelligence platform, adding an essential layer of real-time news coverage to its already robust collection of over 14 million market insights. This integration promises to innovate the user experience on the Statzon platform, offering a more dynamic and comprehensive tool for strategic planning and faster decision-making.

Karri Takki, Head of Growth at Statzon, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating:

"The collaboration with Opoint is a natural fit for Statzon, aligning with our commitment to deliver the deepest, highest quality, and most up-to-date data to our clients. Opoint's exceptional capability in providing real-time news will significantly enhance our platform, offering our users an even more comprehensive view of the market."

Statzon's platform, known for revolutionizing market intelligence by aggregating data from thousands of trusted sources, provides businesses across various sectors unparalleled access to global market information. With the integration of Opoint's real-time news data, Statzon aims to provide a more holistic view of market trends, competitive landscapes, and industry developments, thereby enabling technology companies to make more informed and timely strategic decisions.

This collaboration will set a new standard for market intelligence services, offering technology companies a seamless and enriched data experience that supports effective strategic planning and execution. Both Statzon and Opoint look forward to the positive impacts this partnership will have on the industry and the enhanced value it will bring to their clients.

“We are grateful to Statzon for choosing Opoint as their quality data provider. Opoint delivers data to many different industries and now also to market intelligence and market insights platform. CEO Kimmo Kuokkanen demonstrated their platform, and I was impressed by the speed and the detailed insights it provided.  We look forward to further collaboration with our friends at Statzon.”
Jon Anders Tangnes, CSO Opoint

About Statzon:

Statzon is a market intelligence platform that is revolutionizing how businesses access global market insights. With a subscription-based model, Statzon offers unparalleled access to an extensive database of over 14 million market insights, aggregating data from thousands of trusted sources. This approach enables efficient and informed strategic decision-making for businesses across various sectors.

About Opoint:

Opoint stands at the forefront of delivering real-time news data, catering to a global clientele seeking up-to-the-minute information. With a focus on technology and innovation, Opoint provides access to over 230.000 news sources, ensuring comprehensive coverage and analysis. This capability positions Opoint as a critical resource for businesses and professionals who require timely and accurate news to inform their strategic decisions. By offering cutting-edge solutions for real-time news aggregation and analysis, Opoint empowers its users with the insights needed to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

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