Robots Everywhere:

A Comprehensive Market Guide for Robotics Enthusiasts - 2n Edition

Published December 2023

Robotics Industry Market Guide

The ultimate guide to the ever-evolving robotics market

Statzon's Handbook of Robotics is your ultimate guide to understanding the ever-evolving robotics market and its impact on various industries worldwide. Robotics has been one of the fastest-growing industries in recent years, transforming how we live and work. From manufacturing and healthcare to agriculture and retail, robots are changing the face of businesses and revolutionizing how we approach various tasks. With so much potential and opportunity, staying up to date with the latest trends and insights in the global robot market is essential.


This handbook provides a comprehensive market overview, including key players, emerging technologies, and prospects. 


Rika Melissa

Data Journalist

Rika came to Statzon with a background in market research, both in qualitative and quantitative studies. She has a strong interest in data collection and analysis and how to communicate those data in a simple yet interesting fashion.




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Table Of Contents


Executive Summary

IFR World Robotics 2023 Key Takeaways

Industrial Robot Regional Market
Upward Trajectory Of Collaborative Robot Share
IFR World Robotics 2023 On Technological Trends
Industrial Robot Adoption By Customer
Service Robots To Address Labor Shortage

Global Industrial Robot Market Size Will Reach USD 30.5 Billion By 2030

Industrial Robot Vs. Collaborative Robot (Cobot
Industrial Robot Types
Industrial Robot Applications
Asia Leading The Global Industrial Robot Market
Industrial Robot Market Share By Company

Global Articulated Robot Market Will Reach Usd 17 Billion By 2032

Defining Articulated Robots
Articulated Robot Market Size
Articulated Robot Regional Market Shares
Segmenting The Articulated Robot Market

Delta Robot Market Sees Growth At 11.59% CAGR

What Is A Delta Robot?
Delta Robot Market Size
Regional Market Shares Of Delta Robots
Segmenting The Delta Robot Market

Global Factory Automation Market To Reach Usd 249.3 Billion By 2028

Global Factory Automation Market Value
Factory Automation Market By Region
Global Factory Automation Market Segmentation
End-Users Of Factory Automation
Top Factory Automation Companies

Global Warehouse Robotic Market To Keep Growing At A CAGR Of Up To 13.8

Global Warehouse Robotics Market
Warehouse Robotics Market Segmentation Based On Type And Application
Amazon And Kiva Robots That Started It All
Top Companies In The Global Warehouse Robotic Market

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Market Trends

AGV Market Size
AGV Market Share By End-User
AGV Market Share By Vehicle Type And Technology
Major AGV Manufacturers

Global Autonomous Mobile Robot Market (AMR) Accelerating At 25.7% CAGR

What Is An Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)?
AMR Vs. AGV - How Are They Different
Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Market Size
Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Types And Market Shares
Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) Companies

Global Market For AMMR Will Reach USD 2.1 Billion By 2030

What Is An Autonomous Mobile Manipulator Robot (AMMR
AMR Vs. AMMR, How Are They Different?
AMMR Vs. Collaborative Robot, How Are They Different?
Global Market For Autonomous Mobile Manipulator Robots
AMMR Global Market Segmented By Type Of Robot
AMMR Global Market Segmented By Payload
Top Companies In AMMR Global Market

Delivery Robot Market Size To Surge At 33.9% CAGR

North America Leading The Delivery Robot Market
Delivery Robot Market Segmented By Industry
Smaller, Lower-Speed And Three-Wheeled Robots Are Dominating The Market

Collaborative Robot Market Is Charging At 40% CAGR

What Are Collaborative Robots? How Are They Different Than Industrial Robots?
Global Collaborative Robots Market Value
Key Drivers For Cobots Market Growth
Europe Has The Biggest Market Share, But North America And Apac Are Catching Up
Cobots Payload Capacity
Cobots Market Segmented By Application
Collaborative Robot Market By End-User
Top Collaborative Robot Companies

2023 Global Collaborative Robot Producers And Models

Collaborative Robots With The Highest Payload
Collaborative Robots With Maximum Horizontal Reach
Collaborative Robots With The Lowest Repeatability
Collaborative Robots With The Highest Degrees Of Freedom
Collaborative Robots With The Highest Speed

Global Medical Robot Market Outlook By 2032

Different Types Of Medical Robot
Medical Robots Market Size
Surgical Robotics Systems Dominating The Market
Medical Robotic Market Share By End-Users
Leading Medical Robot Companies

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Market Accelerating At 17.2% CAGR

Value Of Robot Vacuum Cleaner Market
Robot Vacuum Market Segmentation
Top Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands

Captivating Growth: Global Indoor Robot Market Expands At 14.88% CAGR

Definition Of Indoor Robots
Indoor Robots Vs. Industrial Robots
Global Indoor Robot Market
Global Indoor Robot Market By Type
Global Indoor Robot Market By End-Users

Global Artificial Intelligence Robots Market Grows At 25% To 38% CAGR

AI Robotics Market Size
AI Robot Market Share By Application
Machine Learning Leading The Market In The Technology Segment


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