Electrifying the Future

A Comprehensive Handbook on the EV Market - 2nd Edition

Published March 2024

Your guide to E-mobility industry

The second edition of Electrifying the Futures is an essential resource for understanding the evolving e-mobility industry. This insightful handbook delivers a strategic market overview, including a deep dive into the latest trends, market size, and innovative charging solutions. It serves as a valuable guide for technology companies looking to stay ahead in the dynamic world of e-mobility, offering in-depth analysis and forecasts to support informed decision-making. Explore the future of e-mobility with Statzon's expert insights and data-driven intelligence.


Rika Melissa

Data Journalist

Rika came to Statzon with a background in market research, both in qualitative and quantitative studies. She has a strong interest in data collection and analysis and how to communicate those data in a simple yet interesting fashion.


Email: rika@statzon.com


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Table of Contents

  • IEA Global EV Outlook 2023 Reveals Another Record-Breaking Sales

    • Global Electric Car Market 2022
    • Global Sales of Electric Buses and Trucks
    • China and Norway Still the Prominent EV Market Leaders
    • Electric Vehicle Sales in Emerging Markets
    • Expansion of EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Global EV Charging Station Market Will Reach USD 32.2 Billion by 2032

    • EV Charging Station Market Size
    • APAC Leading in Market Size
    • Charging Station Market Segmented by Type of Charger
    • Major Players in EV Charging Station Market
  • A Megawatt Future for HDV Charging Networks

    • Fluctuated Sales of Electric Heavy-Duty Vehicles (HDVs)
    • The Need for Higher Power Charging System
    • Development of Megawatt Charging System
    • Megawatt Charging Stations Project
    • What Would Happen to Hydrogen Trucks?
    • Building Electric Truck Charging Networks
  • Wireless EV Charging Market Charges Forward at 55.6% CAGR

    • How does Wireless EV Charging Work?
    • Empowering Dynamic Charging with Wireless EV Charging Roads
    • Global Market Overview for Wireless EV Charging
    • Wireless EV Charging Market Segmented by Charging Type
    • Wireless EV Charging Market Segmented by Power Supply
    • Wireless EV Charging Market Segmented by Application
    • Wireless EV Charging Market Segmented by Charging Mechanism
    • Top Wireless EV Charging Companies
  • E-Mobility Europe: An Overview of Europe’s Latest Electric Vehicles Data

    • Global EV Market 2023
    • Europe EV Sales 2023
    • Europe Best-Selling Electric Cars 2023
    • Which Countries in Europe Have the Most Electric Cars?
    • Public Charging Station Availability
    • Which Countries in Europe Have the Biggest EV Charging Network?
  • Navigating Europe's EV Charging Expansion

    • Europe EV Charging Station Market
    • Where do People Charge Their Electric Cars?
      • Residential Charging
      • Workplace Charging
      • Public charging
    • Ultra-Fast High-Power Charging (HPC)
    • Uneven Distribution of Charging Infrastructures
    • Are There Enough EV Charging Points in Europe?
  • US EV Market Passed the 1 Million Sales Mark in 2023

    • EV Sales Share in the United States
    • Average EV Price in the United States
    • US Best-Selling Electric Cars 2023
    • EV Market Outlook in The United States
    • How Many EV Chargers are there in the United States?
    • Does the United States Have Enough EV Chargers?
    • Top EV Charging Companies in the United States
  • Global Electric Bus Market Growing Rapidly at 20.2% CAGR

    • Electric Bus Market Size
    • China Dominates the Global Electric Bus Market
    • Electric Bus Market in Europe
    • North America Electric School Bus Expansion Plan
    • Electric Bus Market Segmentation
  • Global Electric Scooter Market is Soaring at 25% CAGR

    • Electric Scooter Market Size
    • APAC Leads the Global Market, but Europe Strongest Growth Potential
    • Sealed Lead Acid is Still the Most Preferred Option for Batteries
  • Electric Boat Market Set to Reach USD 10.7B by 2030

    • Global Electric Boat Market Size and Growth
    • Electric Boat Market Hybrids and Battery Electric Boat
    • Passenger Carriages Dominate the Electric Market
    • Eco-Conscious Tourism and Electric Boat Adoption
    • Electric Boat Market Share by Range
    • Top Companies in the Global Electric Boat Market
  • Global Autonomous Vehicle Market on A Slow Road to Full Potential

    • Global Self-Driving Car Market Size
    • Autonomous Vehicle Market by Autonomy Level
    • Autonomous Vehicle Market by System
    • Autonomous Vehicle Market Share by Type of Mobility
    • US and China Racing to Top Position
    • Consumer Attitudes Toward Autonomous Driving
  • Electric Mobility in 2024: Emerging Trends and Innovations

    • Connectivity
    • Digitalization and Display
    • Used Cars Electrification
    • Influx of Chinese EVs
    • The Shift to Cheaper Batteries

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