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Introducing Statzon AI: Your Gateway to Informed Decisions

In the ever-evolving landscape of market trends and technologies, staying informed is no longer just about having access to information—it's about making sense of it. Statzon AI is here to transform the way you interact with market intelligence. By meticulously reading through thousands of reports, Statzon AI distills the essence, delivering exactly what you need to know, along with direct citations to the original sources.

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What Sets Statzon AI Apart?


Tailored Insights

Get concise summaries focused on your specific interests, saving you hours of research.


Trusted Sources

Direct links to original reports ensure transparency and trust in the data you receive.


Comprehensive Coverage

With access to millions of market insights, your global perspective is unmatched.


Efficiency at Its Best

Spend less time sifting through data and more time strategizing with insights that matter.


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How is Statzon AI different from ChatGPT, Copilot, Gemini, etc?

Statzon AI's answers are based only on trusted market insight sources, the same reputable sources Statzon has used for years.

Are my interactions with AI secure?

Yes, they are. Nothing from your interactions is used to train the AI.

How accurate are the forecasts and insights provided by your AI?

They are as accurate as any market forecasts. Although we have taken all possible measures to ensure AI does not hallucinate and is correct, there is always a slight possibility of misinterpreting market insights. That's why all AI users will have quick access to the pages of original sources to see the original report and charts.

+1200 Organisations Trust Statzon Insights

Your Contact Person

Karri Takki

Head of Growth

+358 40 672 5445

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Karri Takki 260x260 round

Your Contact Person

Karri Takki

Head of Growth

+358 40 672 5445

Key benefits


Speedy insights

No more reading through reports for hours. Ask your question and get the specific answer you need within seconds.


Quality and trust

All answers are generated using data from Statzons market insight sources trusted by +1200 organizations. Make confident decisions every time.


Global intelligence

Why limit yourself? A broad range of insights, specialized intelligence, specifically in e-mobility and robotics.


User-friendly Interface

AI means that you spend less time struggling with technology and more time making insightful business decisions.

How it works

  1. Ask a Question - Type in your question about the market you need to know.
  2. Get an Answer - Our AI scours our extensive database in real time.
  3. Make a Decision - Utilize these insights to make smarter, faster business decisions.